Bannockburn.Co. A look at the 700 years anniversary of the

Battle of Bannockburn 1314.  Pictures by Gavin Ballantine, Paeroa

Stop press. In my opinion its all seems to be going round in circles but make no mistake this will gather momentum now and it will happen with or without you. But you cant afford not be there on this exciting occasion, a 700th Anniversary.. Our tour plans will be exciting for sure whatever the clans and the powers that be decide.


The Bruce was waiting, what a sight it must have been, Edward`s army was the largest that a King of England had ever led, and it was said he had 100.000 men, over one third of them on horseback. and on the long summer evening of 23rd June 1314, the whole wonder must have been if the Scots could ever hope to win a victory over such a mighty force. But the actual numbers have always been a matter of controversy, maybe much less but the concensus seems to indicate however that Bruce faced an army twice his size. How many times we heard the story at school, the meeting place being the bannock burn about 3 miles south of Stirling Castle, and it was this stream that the English would have to cross to make their attack. But even so Bruce had his men dig pits and then recover with turf and it in the pits were ` calthrops` ,steel spikes that stood up no matter how they were laid with the intention of laming the horses and breaking the ranks of cavalry. But it was too late to fight that day, both armies lay in sight of each other waiting for the morrow`s battle.

 The scene is all set. Soon we will be celebrating coming up 700 years since the Battle of Bannockburn.

Clan Wallace NZ will be there and we have an organised tours to be at the Clan Gathering in July 2014. Please go here and let us know if you

would like to be part of our trip.

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